Burnell Family History

Gravestone of Robert and Hannah Burnell
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12 generations
Roundhay Park
The Youngest Son
Little Ribston
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This website details the family history of one branch of the Burnell family which can be traced back to Roundhay (now a suburb of Leeds, Yorkshire) in the mid 17th century.

It also covers the ancestors of two of the youngest members of the Burnell family - Matthew and Peter, grandsons to Martin Burnell, the author of this site.

For five generations the family lived in the village of Little Ribston in the West Riding. The picture shows the burial place of Robert and Hannah Burnell in the churchyard in Spofforth - the local parish church.

The earliest ancestor so far traced is John Burnell, who was one of two brothers living  in Roundhay from at least 1632. It is not known for certain where he was born, but he may well be linked to Burnells living in Leeds itself around 1600.

Use the links on the left to navigate the site. Roundhay Park tells the story of the four oldest generations in my line of Burnells. The Youngest Son carries the story forward through the eighteenth century. Little Ribston will cover the 19th century in Yorkshire and Lancashire (not yet available).