Gravestone of Robert and Hannah Burnell

Burnell Family Tree

It is difficult to find a good way to display a large and complex family tree. Since the beginning of this site I have used an excellent Java applet written by Michael Horey, but there has been no development of this since 2003. As a result it does not meet the security standards required by modern versions of Java. You can still get it to run, but the process is too complicated for most users.

I will shortly install a much more modern way of displaying the tree. In the meantime, if you want to try to get the Java applet running, there are instructions here.

Otherwise you will have to rely on a very basic display using linked webpages which you will find here.

Watch this page for developments this autumn.

If you are also researching the Burnell family and have specialist genealogical software, you can ask me to give you access to a gedcom file which can be loaded into your software - see Contact in the menu.

Origin of the name
Geographical distribution
12 generations
Roundhay Park
The Youngest Son
Little Ribston
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