Gravestone of Robert and Hannah Burnell

Burnell Family Tree

The family tree is available in two different forms. The first is an interactive family tree which is easy to navigate and the best way I know to display a family tree on a website. The problem is that it depends on an old Java applet which has not been specifically verified by Java and so will not run on recent versions unless you tell Java it is safe to run. For instructions how to do this, click here.  If you do not have Java installed, you can download it here.

If you have already sorted this, click here to proceed.

The second method of displaying the tree is less user friendly, but gives more detail about people and provides more ways to look at the data, including an index of places and descendants lists for various surnames. It does not need Java. Click here

To maintain privacy, the only information given for living people is their name. If you are also researching the Burnell family and have specialist genealogical software, you can ask me to give you access to a gedcom file which can be loaded into your software - see Contact in the menu.

Origin of the name
Geographical distribution
12 generations
Little Ribston
The Rich Uncle
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