Gravestone of Robert and Hannah Burnell

The only browsers that still support Java applets natively are Safari and Internet Explorer 11 (and earlier). Android and I-phone browsers will not run applets. You can run applets in Microsoft Edge by using the 'Open in Internet Explorer' option. There is an extension for Chrome and Opera called IE tab which acts similarly to the 'Open in Internet Explorer' option in Microsoft Edge. You will need to install both the extension and a copy of Internet Explorer 11.

The applet will run on the latest 32 bit versions of Java, but not on 64 bit versions. Once you have installed a 32 bit version of Java, you need to open the Java Control Panel and give specific permission to run unsigned Java applets from

STEP 1 - Open the Java Control window as follows:

WINDOWS XP/VISTA/7 - From your Start Menu open Control Panel. Type java in search panel top right and click on the result

WINDOWS 8/10 - Enter Java Control Panel in the Search box and click on result

MAC OS - In the Apple menu choose System Preferences. Find Java and click.

STEP 2 - You will now see the Java control panel. Select the Security tab and halfway down you will see a heading Exception Site List. Click on Edit Site List and add the following entry - Ignore the warning about sites beginning http: Before closing, check that the security level is set to high rather than very high.

You will still need to confirm your wish to run the applet each time you use it.
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12 generations
Roundhay Park
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Little Ribston
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