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Origin of the name
Geographical distribution
12 generations
Roundhay Park
The Youngest Son
Little Ribston

I am now using code from the open source project Webtrees to display the tree and provide various ways of looking at the data. 

The menu bar across the top of this page gives you access to a selection of charts and reports, and the search function lets you find a specific person. The 'Home' button returns you to this page and you can then use the links on the left to return to the rest of the website.

The interactive tree below, can be dragged to show different parts of the tree. It is best viewed in fullscreen (button top left of that panel). Clicking on a name will expand the information and clicking again will take you to a page showing the full information for that person. From here you can see a version of the interactive tree based on that individual - this helps you to follow descendants where there are multiple spouses.

If you are researching the Burnell family and have specialist genealogical software, you can ask me to give you access to a gedcom file which can be loaded into your software - see Contact in the menu.

One of the old ways of displaying the tree is still accessible here.